Custom Hygienic FRP Fiberglass Insulated Wall and Ceiling Panels

50 years of industry experience gives us the edge in designing products that will advance the food, pharma, and other industries we serve.

All HIP Panel Co. products are designed to work together, creating a seamless hygienic system that provides the highest level of safety for the end user. We work in harmony with the US Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 and provide the same seamless hygienic quality construction materials used in buildings across different industries.

HIP Panel Co. products have most recently been part of building construction projects for Baker Boy, Bluegrass Ingredients, Blue Bell Creameries Ice Cream, Lactalis Dairy, Lamb Weston, Nelson Labs, and the Central & South Valley Water Reclamation Facilities.

Our Products are Proudly Made in Wisconsin, USA.

All HIP Panel Co. panels are made to order per project size and requirements. For upcoming projects, we can custom manufacture our products to suit your specific needs. All our products are manufactured in Cuba City, Wisconsin.



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HIP-45 Insulated FRP-Faced

A revolutionary FRP seamless system, HIP-45 can be used for HIP-45 can be used for New Construction or Retrofits.

More about HIP-45
HIP-25 Extruded Foam/FRP Panels

Use HIP-25 panels for R-5 walls and ceilings in retrofits and renovations.

More about HIP-25
HIP-10 Retrofit FRP System

Introducing revolutionary gluing method that eliminates: Troweled-on glue, Thin FRP sheets, Silicones, Trims

More about HIP-10

Applications of Our Hygienic FRP Fiberglass Insulated Wall and Ceiling Panel Products:


Food Processing Industries:
· Meat, Poultry & Dairy
· Slaughterhouses
· Fish Processing
· Bakery & Confectionary
· Fruit & Vegetable
· Beverage
· Refrigeration Rooms


Other Industrial:
· Pharmaceutical
· Laboratories
· Hospitals
· Water Utilities
· Indoor Farming
· Cold Storage
· Logistics


· Supermarkets
· Butcher Shops
· Commercial Kitchens
· Restaurants
· Catering
· Retail Shops
· Refrigeration
· Warehousing